How Facebook Click-to-Messenger Helped Give TBS Marketing 100% Client Retention Rate

Today’s buyers want information now. They don’t want to see static banner ads or wait for a sales rep to follow up on the phone.

So, how does a marketing agency turn this “give it to me now” energy into MRR? By offering new services that keep pace with how consumers want to do business.

In doing that, TBS Marketing saw huge gains in new clients and new MRR—by adding Facebook’s Click-to-Messenger and chat automation to the list of its services.

How it Started: A Goal to Grow

TBS Marketing owner, Trilce Jiron Garro, knew that the key to growing her business was to become a strategic partner for her clients. This meant focusing on improving her clients’ key performance indicators like:

  • Conversion rate
  • Cost per conversion
  • Return on ad spend

To accomplish these goals, the TBS Marketing team saw tremendous potential in offering Click-to-Messenger (C2M) ads that automatically initiate direct customer conversations in Facebook Messenger. Then, they added chat automation to create dynamic, interactive customer experiences.

From there, static sales funnels were replaced with personalized, interactive sales cycles, saving TBS Marketing clients valuable time and resources. TBS Marketing was able to track lead data, adjust campaigns to adapt to customer behavior, and maximize campaign results.

Over 11,000% ROI for Gold’s Gym

For TBS Marketing’s clients, the addition of chat automation campaigns were dramatic and impressive. From tripling sales for hotel startup Selina to increasing lead volume by 10X for an education brand, TBS Marketing was helping to make a real difference in their clients’ businesses.

The most impressive results came from its ad campaign for Gold’s Gym. After running C2M ads for Gold’s Gym for just over a month, TBS was able to collect statistically significant information.

With a sample size of 25,000 Messenger bot visitors, Trilce found that C2M ads had become a major source of new leads for the franchise. Running C2M ads increased ROI by over 11,000% compared to traditional Facebook ads.

A Profitable Ad System for Clients

The data was in. Using Facebook Click-to-Messenger and chat automation had helped TBS’s clients to:

  • Unlock time to value for clients, faster
  • Shorten the sales cycles by 50%, on average
  • Increase inbound opportunities by 35%
  • Improved ROI for one client by 11,000%
  • Bottom-Line Results: 7X Increase in MMR

    For TBS Marketing, the addition of Facebook C2M ads and chat automation were equally dramatic. TBS had grown significantly, adding brands to its portfolio and increasing overall revenue.

  • 7X increase in MRR
  • 100% client retention rate
  • 2.4X lift in customer lifetime value
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